I create this doc in order to provide ordered, collected and detailed, information about football (soccer) analytics for research works and interesting stuff, activated by NBAStuffer-Analytics-101. Collected information contains statistical analysis as well as AI research, which will be updated step-by-step. If you have any idea or new findings, feel free to commit to this doc or contact me via the email shown on my github.

So far, I have collected informations from the following aspects:

  • Data Sources & Competitions: Useful public data source, some are free while others must be bought from data companies. There are also sports analytics challenge and competitions included, some of which offers off-line data for testing insights on.
  • Lessons & Papers: Helpful lessons of Sports Analytics and interesting research papers published on important AI conference and MIT Slogan Sports Analytics Conference.
  • Football Analytics Companies & Products: Football analytics companies, including general analytics companies that cover other sports. These companies are mainly data collectors, statistical analyzers and special solution providers. Companies using AI (Artificial Intelligence) are valued much more. Related product demo vediosa are also contained.
  • Sports Analytics Reference: Some useful reference webpages that provide interesting analytics information on other sports, like basketball, American football, lacrosse, baseball and others.