Football Analytics Companies & Products

Football analytics companies, including general analytics companies that cover other sports. These companies are mainly data collectors, statistical analyzers and special solution providers. Companies using AI (Artificial Intelligence) are valued much more. Related product demo vediosa are also contained.


SAP is a German multinational software corporation founded in 1972 that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. Due to its powerful ability of cloud computation, SAP provides numerous kinds of solutions, including data analytics and database. Specifically, SAP offers SAP-Sports-One as a sports team management platform based on SAP-HANA, which helps Germany win the 2014 FIFA world cup.

There are some demos about how the platform works, please click here and here.


InStat is a sports performance analysis company founded in Moscow, Russia in 2007, providing professional tools and commercial data for performance evaluation, scouting, fitness analysis and a panoramic filming technology. InStat aims to support football professionals with statistical data. It offers statistical reports and online video platform called InStat Scout which allows coaches to access stats linked to the supporting videos of actions. InStat recently provides tracking data support with 2D model of the match, which is also introduced to ice hockey and basketball.

Demos for InStat Scout can be found here.

Opta Sports
Opta, founded in 1996 and has been operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Perform Group since 2013, is a British sports analytics company based in the United Kingdom. Opta provides data for 30 sports in 70 countries, with clients ranging from leagues to broadcasters and betting websites. Opta offers detailed data for not only footballs but also other sports. They record event and tracking data and sell it to companies and individuals. They hold Sports Analytics Forum every year, in which many football analysist show their exciting researches. Some vedios from OptaPro Analytics Forum 2019 can be found here, from which one can draw interesting ideas.

Camvision establised in 2007, Czech, is a technology company focused on providing intelligent video-capture systems for sporting events. They claim to have extensive research experience in the sports video field and they are able to deliver automated solutions for sports-oriented video analysis through SoTA technology. Their product called PANORIS will record the match autonomously with analyzing every movement.

Go to their homepage for demos or visit here.

StatsBomb are a team with headquarter in Bath, UK and offices in Boston and Cairo, founded in 2016. It is a team of analysts, data scientists, computer engineers, with leadership experience in Football and Technology. They have recently acquired ArqamFC, an experienced data collection team based in Cairo. Arqam bring technology, dedication and are committed to a shared vision with StatsBomb for football data. They provide training courses in Professional Football Analytics. StatsBomb collects data and use it for building practical models to solve real-world problems.
MT-Sports is a company founded in 2015, China, which aims to develop smart wearable devices to collect sports data, and use it for data visualization and sports data mining. Their products has been applied to Chinese national football team, and has became the first choice of sports education information construction in China.
Champdas is founded in 2016, Shanghai, China. It is a sports internet company with independent property rights, integrating data collection, data mining and data productization. Each game can collect 15000+ related data and present it in real time on Champdas DATA. They focus on the domestic events to provide live broadcasts of the Super League and the Chinese League, and will also pay attention to the performance of the national team.
Tongdaoweiye is founded in 2015, Beijing, China. It is a football big data company that covers data collection, modeling analysis, data application and information system. They offers data service and transfering service and they claim to have management platform, data platform, wearable device and other technologies. They cooperate with Chinese Football Association and Chinese professional teams.
WYSCOUT is a data-driven company founded in 2007, Italy. They serve football analysis services and tools and they have built their own dataset since 12 years ago. They have products for providing game vedio data, a platform of game anylysis with statistics and a platform for scout with statistics.
SkillCorner is a computer vision startup founded in 2016, Paris, France, who has built an AI-powered video tracking technology based on deep learning capable of recognizing, positioning and following in real time, the football players, the referee and the ball from any broadcasted game. SkillCorner’s tracking algorithm for live broadcasted games is the best available with up to 95% accuracy. From previously unavailable raw tracking data to live match visualization, SkillCorner’s products are at the forefront of technological innovation.